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Neil Chapter 05

     Extra: Neil's Dangerous Affection Part 5


 When I came toI was already dressed again in nightwear and lying down on bed


 Somehow it smells like a dog

 What’s moremy thighs feels weird somehowwhen I lifted up my nightwear I could see something sticky there

 ……He didn’t wipe it

 He put on these clothes without wipe it




 I screamed


Catherineyou woke up……whatwhat’s wrong?」


 Neil who came into the room after hearing my scream turned on the lightand look at the furious me with a surprised look

 He wore a simple white shirt and brown trousersand maybe because his design character is an ikemen he looks cool even with that simple clothesbut I noticed something else and got even more angry


Maayour hair looks wet? Youyou entered ofuro by yourself right? You just cleaning yourself while I’m still all wet and sticky! Don’t you know that it’s a promise that you need to wipe my body before put my clothes on after we’re doing lewd things!?


Ewhat’s thatI don’t know……Besideafter I finally put a lot of my scent on your bodywon’t it fade away if I wipe it


Stay away from want to put my scent thoughts alreadyit smells like a dog here


Smells like a dogyou said……so cruel……


 Neil looks shockedIf he had animal ears I bet that it’ll be wilting

 But I think that leaving a young lady like me smells like a dog is more cruel


Please let me enter ofuro right now


……After I rubbed my semen all over your body……


 Neil muttered in disappointment




 What did you do to someone who was unconsciousyou pervert

 What’s thatwolf’s instinctor it’s because Neil’s a rape pervert

 Speaking of itmy face also sticky……maybe it’s also……Ugyaaaa


Right nowofuro、」


 Maybe because I looked at Neil with face that said I’ll kill you if you don’tlooking a little scaredhe took off the collar and took me to the bathroom


But it’s the hot water that I used before……


 It much better that being covered in semen

 I kicked Neil outbefore spilled the hot water from above my head and apply soap to my whole body






 After I washed every corner of my body thoroughly I leave the bathroomand there’s NeilSeems like he was standing in front of the bathroom all this timeSuch an enthusiasm pet dogWasn’t you a wolf with high prideI really want to retort him with some line like that


As expected the smell has faded


 Said thatthis tall man rubbed his silky silver-haired head around my neck


I’ll attach it againmy smellAnd thenI’ll locked you somewhere so that no one can see youI love youmy only Catherine


 Don’t take it too deeply

 I sighed

 I got to knew his rape pervert demon side nowbut when I took a breath I could smell Neil’s usual smell that I was used toand remembered how I always like this person

 He did something terrible to mebut in the end I couldn’t hate himJust thatthe deepest part of my heart feels painful

 His favorite surely is Florabut I wonder if he’ll only look at me while we’re here


 Unconsciously I wrapped my arms around his backand hugging him




 He bit my neck sweetly


 While being hugged by Neil I’m feeling kind of sad somehowbut in the corner of my headIf you’re normal like this it didn’t smells like dog though……that kind of thought floated





 But wellit’s not like Neil released meI was taken back into the confinement room and the pink collar will go back to my neck

 Let me see it a littlewhen I said thatNeil started explained about the collar happily


You’ll wearing it all the timeso I prepared a good oneIt has cloth on the backside so it’s soft to the skin right? If I had time I want to decorate it with magic stones to make it looks more cutebut let’s just leave it to another time


 I don’t need it


 It made carefully with pink leatherquite luxuriousand can be fastened with a small padlock


The key doesn’t open unless I’m the one who touch it and let my magic flowso it’s no use trying to escape


 Neil wrapped it around my neckand lock the key with a small kachan sound


It suits youcute CatherineI’ll never show your appearance to the other man anymore


 After he said thatthe stable yandere-like Neil hold my head with both hand and kissed me

 He’s trying to pushed his tongue into my mouth againbut I pushed him back

 Because I thought that if we got into deep kiss nowsomehow or another I’ll be in troublesome situation


II’m hungry


AaI bought some bread and fruitsShall I bring them here? I’ll feed you with my mouth……


E don’t want toI want to eat meat! NeEdmont-san’s roasted meat and vegetables sandwiched between thin breads sounds goodI want to eat that


……WellI can buy that because originally it’s for take-out


Thenbuy itDidn’t you tell me that you’ll buy anything that I likeII’m not very interested with accessoriesbut I really like delicious foodyou know that right? And because I can’t go out and eat it please buy it for me


Moucan’t help it thenI can reach the city if I run for about 15 minutesso obediently wait here okay


……With something like this attachedwhat can I do beside waiting obediently?」


 When I said it in a bad moodNeil said in a hurry


I’ll buy it now! I’ll buy the still-hot meat


Along that buy some cheese okayand deliver it to my houseAt Elze-san’s shopjust say the usual cheese for Hanebatei and they’ll understandI was in the middle of shopping after allbut I missed it because of NeilOtou-san will be in trouble because of itso take responsibility and deliver it properly


I understandcheese rightI’ll run for itThen Catherineplease give me a good bye kiss




 Are we playing newlywed now


 It can’t be helpedI pulled Neil’s head and give him a kiss on the cheek




Your face is bright redCute


Stupid Neil! Hurry up and buy them


Yes yes


 In a good mood he went out





 As soon as Neil leftI rushed to the closet

 When I opened the dooronly the front-opening nightwear are lined up nicely

 That pervert wolfhe didn’t want to let me out from the bed

 There was something like a gownso I wore that one

 I’m looking around for shoes but as expected I didn’t find anyso I took out the thin stole (long scarf or shawl) that was hanging thereI tore it and wrapped it around my leg


 NextI pressed my index finger against the padlock attached to the collar and shed my magical power thereMy magic can manipulate time in a very narrow rangeThe narrower it isthe more I can interfere with the flow of timeWhat I’ll do now is work only in the area of the tip of my nailbut for now it’s enough

 The metal rod of the padlock becomes brittle as my magical power flowsIt’s rusting rapidly

 Thousandten thousandtime goes by like I fast forward itthe ragged metal crumbled like sandthen the key fell


 I removed the collartook the recovery potion left on the bedside and drank it in one gulpthen I approached the doorI pressed my index finger on the keyhole and let the magical power flow therelittle by little my finger dig inand eventually the key broke


 I leave the confinement roomand head for the entrance

 Neil should need at least 1 hour to finish all errandsUntil now only 10 minutes passedNeil wouldn’t have arrived in the town yetShould be enough time


 I can’t let my guard off but this is my last chance

 Perhaps if I keep confined by Neil as it isI can’t escapeIt’s not like I can’t physically escape to be exactIt’s more about feelingmy feeling will bound to get entwined with him


 BecauseI never thoughtthat Neil will hold me like thisI always thought that he didn’t have any romance feelings for methat he just a kind neighborhood onii-chan

 Even more so he already met the game heroine FloraEurencieI thought that I have no hope anymoreThat’s why I tried to withdrawand accepted the talk about Mathias


Stupid Neilwhat are you thinking actually


 You keep saying that you like methat you love me

 And trying to lock me in as a lover


 Even though his feeling is for Florabut if he keeps whispering such sweet words and embraced meI’ll be disillusioned and thinking that I’m really lovedThenmy body and mind will meltedand I can’t escape from his arms

 Thenhe’ll return to Flora’s sideand I’ll become jealous and anxiousand spend my time crying


 I absolutely don’t want that

 That’s whyI need to escape


 His previous touch eroded me like a sweet poisonif I stay here as it is I’ll be hoping that he’ll hold me again and again until I get tired of it

 But if I escape nowI won’t be kissed by Neil anymore

 As I thought that my heart feels painful and my tears comes out


 Yet I opened the front doorand stepped out


Buy a coffee for me to keep me awake? 

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